I have been a porn star but I much rather prefer working as London escorts


Life for me wouldn’t be that easy for life in me is hard to deal with. I had difficulty in looking for work for I had no college diplomas so I couldn’t find professional jobs. I went hell looking for jobs but there was nothing in there fits in me. So I decided to go into some other places for I had hoped in my heart that I could found the job that would make me happy and that is really fated on me. I decided to go in London and in there I had this friend of mine offers me a job being a porn star. I think overnight the offer of my friend and the next day I prepared my self being a porn star. Yes I am happy being a porn star but there was this co-porn star of mine shifted to be an escorts a London escorts is the agency that she choose to transfer with. I’ve so much positive things about London escorts and I had this secret desire before that I would love  and like to be one of the London escorts lady for I do really love the faces the body and the personality of London escorts women I’ve seen in magazines. It was all a secret desire.

After I have heard that one of our co porn star is on London escorts I also give myself a consideration a chance of going in London escorts agency. So I decided to audition and submit prerequisite requirements needed. I did all preparations like having a regular exercise and eat healthy for it is very much needed in London escorts as their priority the good health of their woman. As I did all the best way as I can to be part of the great team the London escorts. I never failed this time I became one of the privileged and blessed women who are so blessed to be part of the great team.

Right this day I am a yearlong in my stay as an escort in London escorts. I am so proud to tell to everyone that I am so happy. I have been a porn star but I much rather prefer working as London escorts for I had found a family that all I wanted all my life. It was London escorts filled me the things that I needed even to the very private one. I am so confident that my stay in London escorts will last as long as I am breathing and could be able to provide services to clients.  I’ve never been this fulfilled and satisfied all my life since the day that I worked as a porn star. But porn star helped me become an escorts. It was porn star opens an idea for me to be an escorts and be in the best escorts all over the world the London escorts. So being as escorts I always give credit my mentor and guide my porn star family.

All I have in my life now is all because of my courage and the people who made all possible things in me. So being an escorts personality is a great way of thanking those people by simply giving them simple things means a lot in them for they were reminded that I never forget them in helping me became I am now. I enjoyed so much now that I couldn’t ask for more but good health so that I could make duties and responsibility being an escort. I couldn’t be this happy and fulfilled if I am not healthy to. That is I made it so sure that I spent an hour for exercise anytime of the day for as long as I am free. I ate only healthy foods and I made so sure that I had good sleep every day. Though there were times that I had passed sleep but I will look for ways to cope up with those sleepless nights. Sacrifices I made in life makes me a stronger woman to face both big and small waves in life. I would also like that woman like me before be inspired with my life.